Parking Availability

Free parking available for customers staying in the lounge ONLY. Look for our signs! If you leave, you must move your vehicle or you will be booted or towed. Please be considerate of the limited spaces available. Thank you.

Parking with Number slots protocol:

We do not own the parking lot. If our “Vitola’s” spaces are occupied, you must pay $10.00 cash (Game Day $13.00) inside the silver medal kiosk in order to park in the main parking lot.

Please advise, if you do not pay your vehicle may be towed or booted. For more information on parking please call the shop at (915) 626-5625. Thank you!!

These 5 slots are ours to park in for free as long as you are staying inside our establishment.
There are 2 slots available behind our building that are ours.